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    How to Buy Fonts – The Ultimate Guide

    This guide will show you how to grow your own unique and joyful font collection with exquisite fonts and low costs.     Many people are confused by an unsure feeling about the value and the complexity of buying fonts. What’s this thing with licensing? How much should a font cost and what is its actuall value? This sort of things can confuse into thinking that they possibly stick to poorly designed free fonts instead of buying valuable fonts that can improve design  and workflows so much. Sound familiar? Then find here the ultimate guide for you on how to shop fonts:   First of all: Look out for fonts…

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    Hyper – A Fruit & Veggie Font

    I am happy to announce the release of Hyper! Hyper is a font, which is freshed up with natural and floatings curves. It matches perfectly for veggie, fruits, juice and all the happy healthy things we can eat and drink. Using it for plant topics might be also a good idea. Have a special look on the 62 f-ligatures, which adapts its shape to compliment the following letters. Right now, you may catch it with a nice introductory offer of 40%. Get your free Demo-Version at >> FONTSPRING <<

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    Hello, let’s start!

    Today is the day of the days: I start as self employed full time type designer! This means I’ll design type all around the clock for you! This is so exciting! Well, okay. It’s not ALL around the clock because my loving husband and my wonderful son have some reservations about my watch. But at least 9 to 5 or whenever I find the time. Everything is ready for work: We have moved, my new workspace is ready to fly and my new website is up and running. Social media works and I have enough time to put all my high-quality fonts expertise at your disposal. 2018 I have already…