Hello, let’s start!

Today is the day of the days: I start as self employed full time type designer! This means I’ll design type all around the clock for you! This is so exciting! Well, okay. It’s not ALL around the clock because my loving husband and my wonderful son have some reservations about my watch. But at least 9 to 5 or whenever I find the time. Everything is ready for work: We have moved, my new workspace is ready to fly and my new website is up and running. Social media works and I have enough time to put all my high-quality fonts expertise at your disposal.

2018 I have already released the Umba families with a sans, slab and soft version and more silently the beautiful Famosa, which was highly appreciated by its users. Now comes Hyper! But about this I’ll tell you more on my next post and in my newsletter which you should not miss to sign up at the bottom right of this site. You can also follow me on social media to stay up to date:

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Send me an Email, if you have any questions to ask or just say hello@anitajuergeleit.de

I wish you all a wonderful week!


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