It was 2012 when I visited Korea the first time. I was so afraid to get lost there, that I decided to study the Korean alphabet (Hangul) before the journey started. I should at least be able to read the name of streets or something. But this Writing System there! My god, I was FASZINATED! I really crushed on it! They were putting letters syllabified together in rectangles. It was suddenly so simple to read. Hangulatin became my Bachelor Thesis. 

Being so amazed I started experimenting if this system might work with latin characters. And how it works! The result was surprising! After a few lines you can read it fluently. Just try it!

Hangulatin supports the English language with over 7000 Syllables (Glyphs). That covers approximately 98 % of the English language. Hangulatin won the Golden Junior Award of Art Directors Club (ADC) Germany.


To obtain maximum pleasure in working with Hangulatin, please use the typeface as follows:
1 Open an OpenType-savvy program
2 Select the “Hangulatin“ typeface.
3 Copy the following test text into your document: 


If this however fails to bring about the desired result, please make sure that you are using an OpenType-savvy program and that usage of the OpenType features is activated in that program. Standard graphic programs are suited to that purpose. The same applies to Microsoft Word starting from the 2010 version upwards.To have fun and success with your new typeface, please write all words in the format shown in the sample text, i.e. all syllables need to be written in capital letters and separated from one another using spacecharacters (for single letters leave 2 spaces). If, however, a desired syllable is not to be substituted, proceed as follows: 

Please check 

+ to see whether it is a word from the English language; 

+ whether the word has been spelled correctly; 

+ whether the word has been subdivided into syllables correctly; 

+ whether the syllable has been terminated with a space character (allow 2 spaces for single letters).