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Fonts For Future – Captura

First of all: I am happy to announce that my brand new typeface ‘Captura’ has been released. The work on this geometric sans font family turned out to be very challenging but the result became just as satisfying: Captura is a real workhorse family which makes me feel very proud and here is your chance to get the entire family for FREE.

The other thing that kept my mind on its toes during the last months is the ongoing climate crisis. This is something big we have to face and I feel we should do something more than just attending demonstrations – like motivating other people to attend them, too. Fridays4Future is calling all people over the world to help them demonstrating for a worth living future.

“In over 2400 events taking place from September 20th through 27th, millions of us will walk out of our classrooms, workplaces and homes to join together in the streets and demand climate action and climate justice. We’re calling for massive participation on the part of adults —  alongside young people — to show that adults too are concerned and want to join forces in this global effort to raise awareness and to motivate more stubborn leaders to face reality and to act.“ [Quoted by fridaysforfuture.org]

So here it comes: I will give a full desktop license of Captura FOR FREE to anyone who attends the global climate strikes on September 20th, 2019 and is willing to tell others about it.

Here are the instructions what you have to do:

1. Post a selfie on Instagram where you can be seen on the climate strike in your country and comment about it

2. Hashtag it with all three tags:

3. Send a link from that post to my email address, so I’ll notice it:

End of submission is Sep 27, 2019

For a worth living future.